Ten Reasons LeBron Will Sign With Cleveland

by Scott OBrien

***Disclaimer: I do not have any inside knowledge of LeBron's situation and my only qualification to write this post is that I am a Cavs fan, which I actually is no qualification at all.

1. Miami is nowhere near the championship level that they were when LeBron took his talents to South Beach. Wade is old. Bosh is a non-factor. Their role players are one-dimensional. In fact, they are very similar to (if not worse than) the Cavs team that LeBron left in 2010.

2. There are very limited options for Pat Riley to put together a contender with the limited cap space. LeBron, Wade and Bosh are each owed over $20 million next season, which leaves little salary cap room to add valuable pieces.

3. The "Big 3" are not going to take significantly less money to add another big name like Carmelo Anthony. Even if LeBron, Wade and Bosh all took big pay cuts, there will not be enough money left over add Carmelo at anywhere near the pay he will be offered elsewhere. This is not going to happen.

4. Wade is not going to opt-out and take much less than the $20 Million he is owed next year. Right now Dwayne Wade is a toxic asset for the Heat. He is a shell of his former self and owed huge money for the next two years. He is not going to opt-out and take much less to resign with Miami and the Heat are going to have a hard time pulling off a trade with that big of a salary burden.

5. The free-agent pieces are not available right now for the Heat. Pat Riley and the Heat have about a week to put together the major pieces to show LeBron that Miami can be a real contender next year before James starts to look elsewhere. In my opinion, this plan will have to involve moving Bosh or Wade, while also finding replacements or complementary players that match the level of where these guys were at in 2012. These pieces are not out there right now.

6. LeBron is worried about his legacy. He took a huge hit with "The Decision" and he is going to be very careful about where he signs next. LeBron knows that his legacy will take another hit if he signs with a third team. This leaves him with the option of resigning with the Heat or coming to Cleveland.

7. The Cavs have talent. It's true they finished 33-49 last year, but the Cavs have a lot of talent in Irving, Waiters, Varejao and Thompson. They also have the #1 pick in a deep draft and the time to get their previous #1 pick, Anthony Bennett, up to speed. All it will take is the right coach and system to turn this team into a playoff contender next season and for years to come.

8. Cavs are holding off on naming a coach. The fact that the Cavs have not named a coach yet indicates to me that they are possibly working on something behind the scenes with LeBron's "team" to feel out who he wants to play for.

9. LeBron's post game press conference. Watch the tape. LeBron looked just like he did after his last game with Cleveland.

10. LeBron misses Cleveland. It's true. He misses Cleveland/Akron and the fans:

That's all I've got before the Tribe game starts. Go Cavs! Go Indians! Go Browns!

The Books Are Here!

by Scott OBrien


The books arrived last last week and we shipped out all of the pre-orders this morning!

We have a bunch of copies of the book in stock, so we are shipping orders right away.

Feel free to email us pictures of you with the book, or of your kids' colored pages and we will post them to our facebook and twitter!

Thanks again for all of your support! 


Proofs Are Approved!

by Scott OBrien

Hi Everybody,

Just a quick update. I received the proofs for the book from the printer last week and everything looks good! Printing is starting this week! The book is a couple weeks behind schedule at this point, so I am expecting to be able to ship by the week of May 16th. However, it is possible that they will be ready sooner. 

I will be in touch once I know the exact shipping date.


Off to Print!

by Scott OBrien

Just a quick update on the book status. The book has been completed and sent to the printer! We will be receiving a proof in about a week and if everything looks good, they will begin printing. Once printing begins, it should be about 3-4 weeks before the books arrive. So, they should be ready to ship out by the first week of May, possibly sooner!

Almost Done...

by Scott OBrien

Quick update here. The content for the book is finished! We are just finishing up the cover and formatting, then it is off to the printer for a proof. We are still shooting to ship the books by the end of April, but it may be the first week of May. I will keep everyone updated on the progress!

Have a great weekend!




by Scott OBrien

We did it!!! The Kickstarter campaign was more than successful. Thanks to all of the backers!

The fundraising campaign is officially closed. The book is now roughly 95% completed. I am hoping to have it off to the printer by the end of March so we can meet the goal of shipping by the end of April.

Thanks again to all the backers! You guys are the best!